Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Russ Falls GBG Products & Services

There are five portions of the GBG business I want to share with you today.

1) The Product 2) GBG Company 3) GBG Pay Plan 4) Networking Marketing Industry 5) Russ Falls Leadership

The Flagship Product:

GBG lead product is the Worlds Greatest 10 in One Liquid Vitamin & Mineral Supplement. Since I have been taking the product it has helped me substantially to have better health. I want to share this product with everybody. Below is the list of the 10 formulas that the product contains.

It is a memory & mood enhancer

It is a vision support formula

It is an immune enhancer

It is a multi-vitamin and mineral formula

It is cardiovascular formula

It is energizer

It is super Antioxidant

It is stress formula

It is digestion aid

It is bone and joint formula

Here is how powerful just one ounce of 10-in-one is:

The GBG Company

The Better Business Bureau rating for GBG is A-. At, the Percentile
Rank for GBG is 90.16. At site it shows that GBG has a steady growth
over a period of time (see graft below). GBG is a 14 year old company that is product
based and that sells though distributors across the United States. Over the years GBG
formulated 12 different formulas that have become known as the 10 in one liquid
vitamin, the perfect product that everyone needs.

GBG plans to go worldwide in the first quarter of 2011. In order for this to happen,
the company made a chewable version of the 10 in one vitamin that should be on
the market by the end of the 2010. This will be a improved version of the vitamin
for several reasons: easier to take on trips, does not need refrigeration like the
liquid vitamin does, weighs less to ship, less bulky and, it will be easier when
giving out samples.

The company set up its sales force though the networking marketing industry. The vision of CEO Stuart Finger is to give everyone in the world a chance to succeed through either the network marketing industry or through multi level marketing. There are 10 things that the company does to help its people succeed:

CEO Stuart Finger is an independent distributor

Stuart gets paid from the same pay plan

The company provides marketing tools

The company ships all sold products

It pays each distributor

It provides a free personalized, professional website

It provides weekly conference training calls

The company designs a custom Back-Office for each distributor

The company provides professional videos

GBG provides an outstanding customer service department

Alexa Report Graft

The GBG Pay Plan

The qualifications to start receiving commissions are 1) Join as a gold member
by buying at least one bottle of 10-in -one and then have two customers join
and you get paid 10 levels in your matrix. This could mean thousands in your
pocket. 2) Join as a platinum member by buying at least one bottle of 10-in
-one on auto ship and buying the platinum package. By doing this, you quality
for10 levels pay in the matrix. It is better to be a leader by putting people in
your matrix instead of waiting for it to happen.

There are three ways to obtain pay with GBG:

1) Fast Start Pay. It is pay that you get on your direct orders for the first
month. Fast Start pay ranges from $10.00 up $200.00 per sale, depending
on if the new customer joins as a Platinum or Gold customer. Pay weekly,
fast start is exciting to get, but is not the amazing residual income that is
possible from GBG.

2) Residual income means that you get paid month after month, year after year,
for as long as your team continues to order a product. The pay on each level
of your team can range from $10 to 25 cents, depending on your levels of
qualification. It is pay monthly on product and yearly on platinum pay.

CEO Stuart Finger came up with the idea of pay points to fix the issue that
people had with the matrix pay plan. Pay points simply means a new matrix
start over in the same matrix which allows people to get pay more than once
on the same group sale. No other company has this feature because it is copy
written by GBG.

3) Worldwide profit sharing plan is where a Presidential Platinum will be able
to earn a percentage of the company sales. This will increase as a Presidential
Platinum helps there directs to become a Presidential Platinum. Pay is monthly.

Networking Marketing Industry

Here in the twenty-first century, the networking marketing industry has
fulfilled thousands of people’s dreams. Because the rules have changed
from the Industrial-Age thinking for people that are open minded to
retrain their thinking to the twenty-first century, networking marketing
is the best business model for today. For me, networking marketing offers
many advantages. Here is a list of these advantages:


Commission based income

Low cost business start up

Set your own hours

Tons of industry training

Lead people to be informed instead of pressure selling

Low overhead

Multiplication of your efforts

Personal development

Tax break advantages

Help people with their dreams

Teach people to fish and you feed them for life

Russ Falls Leadership

Finding the right person to lead you to the right resources in this industry is important for your success. Here are 8 reasons why he will be a great leader for you in GBG:

Russ has Passion

Russ is always learning about the industry

Determination to help others

Web conference trainings

Power point trainings presentations

In person AV Local Support

Keep it simple attitude

On line marketing system

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Business Builders in GBG Train Each Team Member to Get Two Poeple.

By Russ Falls
Skype id russfalls

picture of a pumpkinToday I just want to share with you a email I received how from the CEO of GBG please ready Steve Carmack email to his whole team. I just want every one to know about this power plan that we have here at GBG when eveyone see the vision of personally sponsoring two people. I totally agree with what Steve Carmack said in the email.


From the Desk of GBG Founder/CEO Stuart Finger:

>I received this powerful email that Presidential Platinum Steve Carmack communicated with his team recently. Talk about a guy who has completely caught the vision! Folks, this an email written by a leader that is doing it and not just talking about doing it. Please read it carefully and reflect on your level of commitment to building your team and changing your financial future. Enjoy!

God Bless,


GBG Team,

I want to share some information that will blow your mind!!!!!

Before I share this information, I want to say that over my 17 years in the network marketing industry, I have worked hard on developing areputation of being honest with people. People know that I tell it like it is, good-bad or indifferent. Please keep this in mind asyou read this email.

In this email I am going to share with you not only why the new Platinum program will help you grow your team 10 to 20 percent faster, but also how GBG will produce more 100,000 a year money earners than any other network marketing company EVER!!!!!!

Let's Get Started!!!!

As you know 15 levels holds over 65,000 people. What if you could teach everyone on your team to sign up just "TWO PLATINUM'S" members each? Do you know this would be approx 650,000 dollars a year? (It would be actually more when you factor in pay points).

This doesn't include the $1 dollar you would receive on these same 65,000 customers (auto shipping a product). This is another 65,000 dollars a month or approx 780,000 dollars a year. Total income would be over 1.4 million dollars a year. Please remember this is paid year after year in residual income. (Again this is per pay point).

Ok, back to reality!!!! I know most people would say you can't build a team of over 65,000 Platinum's. But I truly believe it is possible. Here's why?

In GBG there are two types of people. 1st, People who just want to be customers. 2nd, Customers who also want to be Business Builders. 86.5% of my team are just customers with the other 13.5 percent being Business Builders. The 13.5 percent are the ones who have built our team to approx 5,000 customers.

What this means is 86.5 percent of our customers don't work the business. What if these numbers were reversed? Meaning what if 86.5 percent of our customers were workers instead of just being customers?

This is where the Platinum program comes in. The people who become Platinum Members are making a statement to you that they are serious about building GBG as a business & are Business Builders.

So if your building a team of Platinums, this means that 86.5 pecent them will be Workers. How would you like to have a team that 86 percent are workers?

Here is the main point of my email Please read very carefully.

Stats show that Business Builders don't have any problem with signing up two Platinum's each. Keep this in mind, this is a very "Important" stat. This is why if you are building a team of Platinum's, you building ateam of Workers Business Builders who all WILL sign up two Platinum's each. This is why your team will begin to grow faster today than it has ever grown before.

Any Business Builder (Especially in GBG) who is even a little bit serious about becoming successful can and will sign up two Platinums. Why? 1st, they are serious about making money. 2nd, because to sign up Platinum's, GBG has made it so easy that all you have to do is send people to your website to take the tour!!!!!!!

This is why it's important to teach everyone to send at least one person a day to their websites to take the tour.By teaching everyone to do this, not only will your business builders sign up their two Platinums, but they will also sign up new Platinums on a monthly basis. (Imagine how fast your team will grow then?)

Once you get your team in the mindset of signing up two platinums each and help them understand the rewards for doing so, EVERYONE on your team will begin signing up their two Platinums. Your team will begin to grow faster than you could ever believe.

This is why its very important to show them the income potential of everyone signing up 2 Platinum's each through 15 levels. (Let them multiply it out, it will make it more believable to them). If someone doesn't get excited about this income potential, then they are just not a Business Builder.

Team, once you get your team of Platinums going, your team will explode. Even if your team doesn't grow to 65,000 plus Platinums, I believed I have shown you in this email has easily you could earn 100,000 dollars a year with the New GBG business by building a team of Platinum's.

OK, let's get started. If you haven't already, you need to go to your GBG back office and up-grade to become a Platinum ASAP.Why is it important for you to do this ASAP? Because it is impossible to get others to do something you haven't done yourself. You will find that once you get up-graded to Platinum, it will make it easy for you to teach other to do the same.

Team, If you are receiving this email, you are probably considered a Leader Business Builder. As a leader, I would really encourage you to get up-graded to platinum right away. Then let's get started with building you a great team of worker's.

Again I know this email probably blew your mind, but I believe in this so much that I am putting my reputation on the line. Anyone who knows me knows I don't do this lightly.

Have a Great Week,
Steve Carmack
Presidential Platinum Member

Russ Falls is a Platinum Control in Veretekk Also.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Are You Teachable?

Sept 6, 2010
By Russ Falls
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picture of a pumpkinWould you want a sponsor that is teachable about networking marketing? One of the things that we as distributors at GBG has on at the available is to work with people that has been listening to people that are making lots of money in networking business before. Michael Kahn who is a millionaire now because he took the time to learn how to create a great team one of the trainers that he listen to was a person name Doug Firebough he has a website that is call passion fire. You can go to that site and check out some of the things that we are learning in the GBG Platinum training program. You can sign up for the weekly news letter. It will give you some of the stuff we can use to help each build our team in GBG. Here listen to the 10 Commandments for Wild Fire Recruiting it is less than 5 minutes.

Our team name is GBG teachable team, simply because the best way to have a great team in to have everybody to be teachable on the team. Take time now to look at the GBG extra money now

There is a GBG Conference call every Tuesday, Thursday at 6 pm PT. Everyone is is invited to listen to the call. The number is 1-712-338-8238 PIN 117833 #. One day is in dept product information call the other day is business presentation call. On Saturday at 10 am PT is it a leadership training call. One of the common mistakes of people makes in networking marketing in just believing in the law of averaging. Meaning the more you do something you will likely to receive the results. I like what Dough Firebough says about that. He says that you need to have effective numbers. You make be asking yourself what does effective number really means.

This may help you to understand what non effective set of numbers is. You could to a park and front of 2,000 people scream out your website when no one wants to listen to you. We both know what the results will be.

Now a more effective way of going though the numbers for you would be to get into a small talk and ask them what they want out of life. Then asked them if there way for them to be able to reach what they want out of life would they be willing to watch a business presentation. We both should be able to figure out this way would be better.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Planting Seeds for Networking Marketing

By Russ Falls

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August 16, 2010

picture of a pumpkinIf you are in your late 30s and older you probably remember the days when computers was not in you home like it is today. Using the computer does makes it lots easy to marketing marketing anything on the internet today. When I first started in networking marketing business back in the early 1980s we had to go to meeting then draw the pay plan on a piece of paper. You had to be very convincing person to get people involved in the business plan.

As I have listening to Jim Rohn recording on Building a Networking Business he says that in the bible in Mark chapter 4. Our jobs in networking marketing is to plant seeds it is not our job to worrying about which seed is ready to listen or be water. As we plant more seeds there will be some that choose to be water and the fruit will began to show up in their lives. I am able to plant lots more seeds to harvest by the internet than I ever could in the earlier days of my networking marketing business. Some of the ways I use to promote my business is write blogs and using RSS feeds to help push the blog high on the search engines.

Another way I am able to plant seeds for my GBG platinum business course is to use the veretekk veremail system to blast out thousands of email per day sharing with everyone that is on my email list a small seed about and get them to take action to take to learn more about the GBG Platinum business course.

One of the important things that I have learn in networking marketing business is that you want to have a easy system you can have a easy way to duplicate what you are doing. At GBG Platinum package is easy to do because all the necessary for you to do is to have people study the Free GBG Platinum website.

Once you truly understand the way the company set up the marketing system to help you to make unlimited income possibilities. You may be asking yourself what is the marketing system that I am talking about. Well in a nutshell the marketing system is simply have people that are truly looking to make extra income to go to the GBG Platinum Business Website and watch all the videos so they are able to make a good inform choice it they want to do this business or not. Be able to call them up answer their questions.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Setting Reasonable Goals for Extra Money

By Russ Falls

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August 6, 2010

picture of a pumpkin I want to ask you a very important question. Was your first goal to have hundreds of people in your down line in 30 days or less? If that was your goal then that was a dream out in left field somewhere. I do know there probably some people could attain that level of success. But the average person in networking marketing industry will not be able to be that successful in the first 30 days in business.

I want to be able to help the average person in the networking marketing to reach some reasonable goals for them. For instance the most powerful person that is in networking marketing is a person who is brand new in business and is very exciting about the business plan. They have not received any rejection to get down at all yet. So it makes sense that person goal should be get some hard cash coming to at least cover the expense of the start up cost of the product and business opportunity.

Let us talk about GBG Platinum extra money course plan. The course does cost a person $299.97 plus shipping and tax to get started that is required every year. You also need to buy the 10 in one liquid vitamin once a month. You should make your first goal to get all the money back as fast as you can. The first goal is simply you as a leader in your business get three people to do what you did. Then the GBG platinum extra money course is now free for you.

I know you are thinking to how do I get three people to buy the course? The easy way is to share with people about the business then get them to go to the free GBG platinum business website that you got when you first sign up. Let the videos on the site do the selling for you. After a while that you been in the business you will want to explain it to people but trust me you do not want to do that simply because that is not duplicable.

Once you reach your first goal you then realize that this business is not that hard to do. The faster you reach this first goal you will want to reach it even faster the next time. Image you as a leader can reach a part time extra income of $1,000 per month just by you getting five people per every month. Then you can do some of the extra things you want to do.

The next goal would be to share with people and they will listen to your story because they see the different life style you are living now. Doing the third goal you are building awsome residual income by helping them to have the same kind of results that you are having.

Listen to the recording GBG CEO Stuart Finger will explain how the plan with work for you.

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GBG MLM Training is the Best.


By Russ Falls

Phone # 661-533-5138

Skype: russfalls

picture of a pumpkinThe reason I believe that GBG MLM Training program is the best is because of many reasons. I want to share with you some with you the reason in this blog today.

1. The CEO Stuart Finger has a proven track record to do what is right. In over the 2.5 years that I have been listening GBG MLM training he has also been 100 percent commitment to the GBG business. He has always been a person who believes if he as the CEO of GBG cannot make serious money using GBG Pay plan then he cannot expect other distributors to make serious money either.

2. Stuart had to become a great MLM leader himself first before he could help anybody else to be a great MLM leader. One of the very best friends he has now in this whole world became a million in GBG because Stuart was determine to change his sinking thinking and went to lots of different training on MLM business years ago and kept on having the dream to be successful. He did not allow any one person take away his dream.

3. The GBG Platinum compensation plans have two parts to it. One part is that you get paid for the efforts you do the next week. You can get pay as much as $ 200.00 per sale on your owned efforts.

4. The GBG Platinum residual portion of the pay plan many times on one sale with the power of pay points. The pay that is possible on each pay point could be over $40,000 per year for each pay points on the platinum portion of the pay plan. The best part of it is there is no limit to how many pay points you can have. Watch the video on the GBG opportunity page.

5. The final point I want to make is he has taken the time to study the MLM business and find out what the big hitters want in the pay plan in order to attract them to the GBG MLM Platinum Business Training Plan. Just listen to the recording of him explaining the vision of the company and the newest pay raise that the average person in MLM industry can attain without sponsor any body.

6. You know you can have the best business plan out there but if you do not have a outstanding product then people will not get involve with the company. The GBG went though many difference formulas to finally get it right. There are able to mass produce the product and get the product out in a very timely matter. The product taste great to me. The company has reported that the retention rate of this product is 94%. Listen to Dr. Coral recorded call of August 5, 2010 she will explains the benefits of the product.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

GBG has the Three Important things for you to succeed!!!

By Russ Falls

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July 31, 2010

picture of a pumpkin There are three important things that you are looking for in a networking online. Three things are.

1. The product has to be the better than any other product in the world. Along it can be overpricing either. This is the back bone of any company. GBG 10 in one simple put has the best liquid vitamins on the market today. I never found a vitamin product that has 10 formulas in one vitamin. You can go find out all the details at my Free GBG Platinum website.

2. The second thing that you are looking for is can you get your investment back in a short amount of time by working on a part time. With GBG Platinum Residual Income Training Program. You can make back your investment by simply going out and get three people who want to make money also. Just so you are aware of it the national average is 2.7 people that people sponsor. So when the GBG CEO Stuart Finger set up the pay plan he set it up for the average person to succeed.

3. The third and final thing you are looking for resdiual income that has the best networking training progam is you want to make sure that the company you choose to work with is an honest company. Is able to get the product out on time and the checks on time also. I been with GBG for some time now and the company is an honest company. You can check out with the BBB in California and MLM rankings.

You do want to have a owner of the company that understand what networking marketing is all about and been in networking marketing before and build a networking marketing before. I am a baseball fan let me ask you a question, how many major league baseball manager did not play baseball first before he became a major league manager.

Stuart Finger is that person he has build two networking business before one with Primerica and another one with Excel. He says that he still has products from Primerica and there is nothing wrong with the service. But he felt like he was making money off of people. I am not going to into all the details when you can listen to the recording.

The best part is he gets pay the same way he pays the distributors also. It is not like others MLM Business. If you need to talk to Stuart Finger let me know and I will set up an appointment for that to happen.