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Business Builders in GBG Train Each Team Member to Get Two Poeple.

By Russ Falls
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picture of a pumpkinToday I just want to share with you a email I received how from the CEO of GBG please ready Steve Carmack email to his whole team. I just want every one to know about this power plan that we have here at GBG when eveyone see the vision of personally sponsoring two people. I totally agree with what Steve Carmack said in the email.


From the Desk of GBG Founder/CEO Stuart Finger:

>I received this powerful email that Presidential Platinum Steve Carmack communicated with his team recently. Talk about a guy who has completely caught the vision! Folks, this an email written by a leader that is doing it and not just talking about doing it. Please read it carefully and reflect on your level of commitment to building your team and changing your financial future. Enjoy!

God Bless,


GBG Team,

I want to share some information that will blow your mind!!!!!

Before I share this information, I want to say that over my 17 years in the network marketing industry, I have worked hard on developing areputation of being honest with people. People know that I tell it like it is, good-bad or indifferent. Please keep this in mind asyou read this email.

In this email I am going to share with you not only why the new Platinum program will help you grow your team 10 to 20 percent faster, but also how GBG will produce more 100,000 a year money earners than any other network marketing company EVER!!!!!!

Let's Get Started!!!!

As you know 15 levels holds over 65,000 people. What if you could teach everyone on your team to sign up just "TWO PLATINUM'S" members each? Do you know this would be approx 650,000 dollars a year? (It would be actually more when you factor in pay points).

This doesn't include the $1 dollar you would receive on these same 65,000 customers (auto shipping a product). This is another 65,000 dollars a month or approx 780,000 dollars a year. Total income would be over 1.4 million dollars a year. Please remember this is paid year after year in residual income. (Again this is per pay point).

Ok, back to reality!!!! I know most people would say you can't build a team of over 65,000 Platinum's. But I truly believe it is possible. Here's why?

In GBG there are two types of people. 1st, People who just want to be customers. 2nd, Customers who also want to be Business Builders. 86.5% of my team are just customers with the other 13.5 percent being Business Builders. The 13.5 percent are the ones who have built our team to approx 5,000 customers.

What this means is 86.5 percent of our customers don't work the business. What if these numbers were reversed? Meaning what if 86.5 percent of our customers were workers instead of just being customers?

This is where the Platinum program comes in. The people who become Platinum Members are making a statement to you that they are serious about building GBG as a business & are Business Builders.

So if your building a team of Platinums, this means that 86.5 pecent them will be Workers. How would you like to have a team that 86 percent are workers?

Here is the main point of my email Please read very carefully.

Stats show that Business Builders don't have any problem with signing up two Platinum's each. Keep this in mind, this is a very "Important" stat. This is why if you are building a team of Platinum's, you building ateam of Workers Business Builders who all WILL sign up two Platinum's each. This is why your team will begin to grow faster today than it has ever grown before.

Any Business Builder (Especially in GBG) who is even a little bit serious about becoming successful can and will sign up two Platinums. Why? 1st, they are serious about making money. 2nd, because to sign up Platinum's, GBG has made it so easy that all you have to do is send people to your website to take the tour!!!!!!!

This is why it's important to teach everyone to send at least one person a day to their websites to take the tour.By teaching everyone to do this, not only will your business builders sign up their two Platinums, but they will also sign up new Platinums on a monthly basis. (Imagine how fast your team will grow then?)

Once you get your team in the mindset of signing up two platinums each and help them understand the rewards for doing so, EVERYONE on your team will begin signing up their two Platinums. Your team will begin to grow faster than you could ever believe.

This is why its very important to show them the income potential of everyone signing up 2 Platinum's each through 15 levels. (Let them multiply it out, it will make it more believable to them). If someone doesn't get excited about this income potential, then they are just not a Business Builder.

Team, once you get your team of Platinums going, your team will explode. Even if your team doesn't grow to 65,000 plus Platinums, I believed I have shown you in this email has easily you could earn 100,000 dollars a year with the New GBG business by building a team of Platinum's.

OK, let's get started. If you haven't already, you need to go to your GBG back office and up-grade to become a Platinum ASAP.Why is it important for you to do this ASAP? Because it is impossible to get others to do something you haven't done yourself. You will find that once you get up-graded to Platinum, it will make it easy for you to teach other to do the same.

Team, If you are receiving this email, you are probably considered a Leader Business Builder. As a leader, I would really encourage you to get up-graded to platinum right away. Then let's get started with building you a great team of worker's.

Again I know this email probably blew your mind, but I believe in this so much that I am putting my reputation on the line. Anyone who knows me knows I don't do this lightly.

Have a Great Week,
Steve Carmack
Presidential Platinum Member

Russ Falls is a Platinum Control in Veretekk Also.

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