Sunday, August 8, 2010

GBG MLM Training is the Best.


By Russ Falls

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picture of a pumpkinThe reason I believe that GBG MLM Training program is the best is because of many reasons. I want to share with you some with you the reason in this blog today.

1. The CEO Stuart Finger has a proven track record to do what is right. In over the 2.5 years that I have been listening GBG MLM training he has also been 100 percent commitment to the GBG business. He has always been a person who believes if he as the CEO of GBG cannot make serious money using GBG Pay plan then he cannot expect other distributors to make serious money either.

2. Stuart had to become a great MLM leader himself first before he could help anybody else to be a great MLM leader. One of the very best friends he has now in this whole world became a million in GBG because Stuart was determine to change his sinking thinking and went to lots of different training on MLM business years ago and kept on having the dream to be successful. He did not allow any one person take away his dream.

3. The GBG Platinum compensation plans have two parts to it. One part is that you get paid for the efforts you do the next week. You can get pay as much as $ 200.00 per sale on your owned efforts.

4. The GBG Platinum residual portion of the pay plan many times on one sale with the power of pay points. The pay that is possible on each pay point could be over $40,000 per year for each pay points on the platinum portion of the pay plan. The best part of it is there is no limit to how many pay points you can have. Watch the video on the GBG opportunity page.

5. The final point I want to make is he has taken the time to study the MLM business and find out what the big hitters want in the pay plan in order to attract them to the GBG MLM Platinum Business Training Plan. Just listen to the recording of him explaining the vision of the company and the newest pay raise that the average person in MLM industry can attain without sponsor any body.

6. You know you can have the best business plan out there but if you do not have a outstanding product then people will not get involve with the company. The GBG went though many difference formulas to finally get it right. There are able to mass produce the product and get the product out in a very timely matter. The product taste great to me. The company has reported that the retention rate of this product is 94%. Listen to Dr. Coral recorded call of August 5, 2010 she will explains the benefits of the product.

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Russ Falls is a Platinum Control in Veretekk Also.

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