Monday, August 16, 2010

Planting Seeds for Networking Marketing

By Russ Falls

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August 16, 2010

picture of a pumpkinIf you are in your late 30s and older you probably remember the days when computers was not in you home like it is today. Using the computer does makes it lots easy to marketing marketing anything on the internet today. When I first started in networking marketing business back in the early 1980s we had to go to meeting then draw the pay plan on a piece of paper. You had to be very convincing person to get people involved in the business plan.

As I have listening to Jim Rohn recording on Building a Networking Business he says that in the bible in Mark chapter 4. Our jobs in networking marketing is to plant seeds it is not our job to worrying about which seed is ready to listen or be water. As we plant more seeds there will be some that choose to be water and the fruit will began to show up in their lives. I am able to plant lots more seeds to harvest by the internet than I ever could in the earlier days of my networking marketing business. Some of the ways I use to promote my business is write blogs and using RSS feeds to help push the blog high on the search engines.

Another way I am able to plant seeds for my GBG platinum business course is to use the veretekk veremail system to blast out thousands of email per day sharing with everyone that is on my email list a small seed about and get them to take action to take to learn more about the GBG Platinum business course.

One of the important things that I have learn in networking marketing business is that you want to have a easy system you can have a easy way to duplicate what you are doing. At GBG Platinum package is easy to do because all the necessary for you to do is to have people study the Free GBG Platinum website.

Once you truly understand the way the company set up the marketing system to help you to make unlimited income possibilities. You may be asking yourself what is the marketing system that I am talking about. Well in a nutshell the marketing system is simply have people that are truly looking to make extra income to go to the GBG Platinum Business Website and watch all the videos so they are able to make a good inform choice it they want to do this business or not. Be able to call them up answer their questions.

Russ Falls uses Veretekk to Promote GBG Business.

Russ Falls is a Platinum Control in Veretekk Also.

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