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Setting Reasonable Goals for Extra Money

By Russ Falls

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August 6, 2010

picture of a pumpkin I want to ask you a very important question. Was your first goal to have hundreds of people in your down line in 30 days or less? If that was your goal then that was a dream out in left field somewhere. I do know there probably some people could attain that level of success. But the average person in networking marketing industry will not be able to be that successful in the first 30 days in business.

I want to be able to help the average person in the networking marketing to reach some reasonable goals for them. For instance the most powerful person that is in networking marketing is a person who is brand new in business and is very exciting about the business plan. They have not received any rejection to get down at all yet. So it makes sense that person goal should be get some hard cash coming to at least cover the expense of the start up cost of the product and business opportunity.

Let us talk about GBG Platinum extra money course plan. The course does cost a person $299.97 plus shipping and tax to get started that is required every year. You also need to buy the 10 in one liquid vitamin once a month. You should make your first goal to get all the money back as fast as you can. The first goal is simply you as a leader in your business get three people to do what you did. Then the GBG platinum extra money course is now free for you.

I know you are thinking to how do I get three people to buy the course? The easy way is to share with people about the business then get them to go to the free GBG platinum business website that you got when you first sign up. Let the videos on the site do the selling for you. After a while that you been in the business you will want to explain it to people but trust me you do not want to do that simply because that is not duplicable.

Once you reach your first goal you then realize that this business is not that hard to do. The faster you reach this first goal you will want to reach it even faster the next time. Image you as a leader can reach a part time extra income of $1,000 per month just by you getting five people per every month. Then you can do some of the extra things you want to do.

The next goal would be to share with people and they will listen to your story because they see the different life style you are living now. Doing the third goal you are building awsome residual income by helping them to have the same kind of results that you are having.

Listen to the recording GBG CEO Stuart Finger will explain how the plan with work for you.

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