Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Russ Falls GBG Products & Services

There are five portions of the GBG business I want to share with you today.

1) The Product 2) GBG Company 3) GBG Pay Plan 4) Networking Marketing Industry 5) Russ Falls Leadership

The Flagship Product:

GBG lead product is the Worlds Greatest 10 in One Liquid Vitamin & Mineral Supplement. Since I have been taking the product it has helped me substantially to have better health. I want to share this product with everybody. Below is the list of the 10 formulas that the product contains.

It is a memory & mood enhancer

It is a vision support formula

It is an immune enhancer

It is a multi-vitamin and mineral formula

It is cardiovascular formula

It is energizer

It is super Antioxidant

It is stress formula

It is digestion aid

It is bone and joint formula

Here is how powerful just one ounce of 10-in-one is:

The GBG Company

The Better Business Bureau rating for GBG is A-. At, the Percentile
Rank for GBG is 90.16. At site it shows that GBG has a steady growth
over a period of time (see graft below). GBG is a 14 year old company that is product
based and that sells though distributors across the United States. Over the years GBG
formulated 12 different formulas that have become known as the 10 in one liquid
vitamin, the perfect product that everyone needs.

GBG plans to go worldwide in the first quarter of 2011. In order for this to happen,
the company made a chewable version of the 10 in one vitamin that should be on
the market by the end of the 2010. This will be a improved version of the vitamin
for several reasons: easier to take on trips, does not need refrigeration like the
liquid vitamin does, weighs less to ship, less bulky and, it will be easier when
giving out samples.

The company set up its sales force though the networking marketing industry. The vision of CEO Stuart Finger is to give everyone in the world a chance to succeed through either the network marketing industry or through multi level marketing. There are 10 things that the company does to help its people succeed:

CEO Stuart Finger is an independent distributor

Stuart gets paid from the same pay plan

The company provides marketing tools

The company ships all sold products

It pays each distributor

It provides a free personalized, professional website

It provides weekly conference training calls

The company designs a custom Back-Office for each distributor

The company provides professional videos

GBG provides an outstanding customer service department

Alexa Report Graft

The GBG Pay Plan

The qualifications to start receiving commissions are 1) Join as a gold member
by buying at least one bottle of 10-in -one and then have two customers join
and you get paid 10 levels in your matrix. This could mean thousands in your
pocket. 2) Join as a platinum member by buying at least one bottle of 10-in
-one on auto ship and buying the platinum package. By doing this, you quality
for10 levels pay in the matrix. It is better to be a leader by putting people in
your matrix instead of waiting for it to happen.

There are three ways to obtain pay with GBG:

1) Fast Start Pay. It is pay that you get on your direct orders for the first
month. Fast Start pay ranges from $10.00 up $200.00 per sale, depending
on if the new customer joins as a Platinum or Gold customer. Pay weekly,
fast start is exciting to get, but is not the amazing residual income that is
possible from GBG.

2) Residual income means that you get paid month after month, year after year,
for as long as your team continues to order a product. The pay on each level
of your team can range from $10 to 25 cents, depending on your levels of
qualification. It is pay monthly on product and yearly on platinum pay.

CEO Stuart Finger came up with the idea of pay points to fix the issue that
people had with the matrix pay plan. Pay points simply means a new matrix
start over in the same matrix which allows people to get pay more than once
on the same group sale. No other company has this feature because it is copy
written by GBG.

3) Worldwide profit sharing plan is where a Presidential Platinum will be able
to earn a percentage of the company sales. This will increase as a Presidential
Platinum helps there directs to become a Presidential Platinum. Pay is monthly.

Networking Marketing Industry

Here in the twenty-first century, the networking marketing industry has
fulfilled thousands of people’s dreams. Because the rules have changed
from the Industrial-Age thinking for people that are open minded to
retrain their thinking to the twenty-first century, networking marketing
is the best business model for today. For me, networking marketing offers
many advantages. Here is a list of these advantages:


Commission based income

Low cost business start up

Set your own hours

Tons of industry training

Lead people to be informed instead of pressure selling

Low overhead

Multiplication of your efforts

Personal development

Tax break advantages

Help people with their dreams

Teach people to fish and you feed them for life

Russ Falls Leadership

Finding the right person to lead you to the right resources in this industry is important for your success. Here are 8 reasons why he will be a great leader for you in GBG:

Russ has Passion

Russ is always learning about the industry

Determination to help others

Web conference trainings

Power point trainings presentations

In person AV Local Support

Keep it simple attitude

On line marketing system

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