Monday, September 6, 2010

Are You Teachable?

Sept 6, 2010
By Russ Falls
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picture of a pumpkinWould you want a sponsor that is teachable about networking marketing? One of the things that we as distributors at GBG has on at the available is to work with people that has been listening to people that are making lots of money in networking business before. Michael Kahn who is a millionaire now because he took the time to learn how to create a great team one of the trainers that he listen to was a person name Doug Firebough he has a website that is call passion fire. You can go to that site and check out some of the things that we are learning in the GBG Platinum training program. You can sign up for the weekly news letter. It will give you some of the stuff we can use to help each build our team in GBG. Here listen to the 10 Commandments for Wild Fire Recruiting it is less than 5 minutes.

Our team name is GBG teachable team, simply because the best way to have a great team in to have everybody to be teachable on the team. Take time now to look at the GBG extra money now

There is a GBG Conference call every Tuesday, Thursday at 6 pm PT. Everyone is is invited to listen to the call. The number is 1-712-338-8238 PIN 117833 #. One day is in dept product information call the other day is business presentation call. On Saturday at 10 am PT is it a leadership training call. One of the common mistakes of people makes in networking marketing in just believing in the law of averaging. Meaning the more you do something you will likely to receive the results. I like what Dough Firebough says about that. He says that you need to have effective numbers. You make be asking yourself what does effective number really means.

This may help you to understand what non effective set of numbers is. You could to a park and front of 2,000 people scream out your website when no one wants to listen to you. We both know what the results will be.

Now a more effective way of going though the numbers for you would be to get into a small talk and ask them what they want out of life. Then asked them if there way for them to be able to reach what they want out of life would they be willing to watch a business presentation. We both should be able to figure out this way would be better.

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