Sunday, July 11, 2010

GBG Platinum Residual Income Training Program

By Russ Falls
July 11, 2010

Have you heard the news about the GBG
platinum training program?
is a training program for only
serious people that want to make
serious money in GBG. It started
July 1, 2010. In the past all
you had to do is to purchase one
bottle of vitamins and have just
two people on auto ship per month
then you could start to received
income from the customer you sign
up and there residual income
every month after that. You can
still do that now and that position
now called the gold position in
the company. Stuart Finger the CEO
of GBG kept that product pay plan
as is and did not made any changes
at all.

He simply added a new position in
the company that is called
platinum position. For a person
to get to the top position
of the company you only need to
have 3 personal platinum and
then you qualify for 30 level
of pay that the company compress
upwards for people who choose not
to maintain their position
for whatever reason.

In case you are wondering if I am
a platium or not. The answer
is yes I am.

See what you get with the platinum
position of GBG.

You get:
Training Manual

1. Internet Marketing Training

2. Company Brochures

3. 10-in-One Flyers

4. Training DVD's and CD's

4. Goal Sheets

6. 40% Discount on select Marketing Materials

7. Advanced Training Calls and much more....

The best part of the platinum program
is you get paid on the people who you
sign up. You can either read about
it on my GBG platinum business website:
Special Note: The website
will not be 100 percent done until
at least Wed 7/14/10 or Thursday

Or you can listen to Stuart
Finger do the recording of the
business presentation.

As you listen to the training make
sure you are looking at the four page
GBG Platinum Business Presentation.

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