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Presentation of GBG

By Russ Falls
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April 26, 2010

On April 17, 2010 I got up at 5:30 am to get ready to go pick up a friend and we drove 2.5 hours to Dana Point CA. The reason is because Stuart Finger, Michael Kahn and Lee Finger did a presentation of GBG . Lee Finger is the uncle of Stuart Finger. We got lost in the city of Dana Point but we found our way to the motel where the meeting was being held. The interested thing is that when I drove into the parking lot Michael Kahn and Stuart Finger were walking in front of my car. So I gentle honk my horn and wave at them. They of course wave back because they reconized me.

In the room there were no empty seats. The first GBG speaker was a brand regional vice president name Christie. She been in the company less than a month, she found 56 customers in that amount of time. She shared how she was involve in other MLM business plan and was not able to be successful as she has been in this business. At the end of her talk she introduces Michael Kahn. At that time Michael did what he loves to do the best by introducing the CEO Stuart Finger.

Stuart got up and share from his heart on where the GBG Company came from lots more in details than he does in step two of the videos. There were times that he had tears build up in his eyes. The reason for the tears because he was so thankful to Jesus of all the hardship that the company went though for the past 15 years and that he was able to obey what Jesus called him to do to help people the way he does.

He also share about the GBG Liquid Vitamins has help so many people which is very important to him because he knows that the Liquid Vitamins is not hurting anyone person but truly helping people. You can read the testimonies on the

He then switch gear and shared about the pay plan after the plan. He asked Michael Kahn to come up and share his story about how he was a businessman that had a bakery shop making good money but did not have the time he wanted to have to spend with his family. After his sister keep on him to meet the CEO of GBG Stuart Finger he went to meet him face to face and realize that Stuart Finger is a leader that he wanted to be a part of the team which he was putting together. So he made the choice to work the networking marketingbusiness portion of GBG. After putting few people in the business he realized that this is business is for real and made a stronger commitment to succeed. Michael Kahn was the first millionaire of GBG.

The last 30 or 40 minutes of the presentation Stuart did training on the business end of the company. He expand on the pay points that he invent so people can get multi pay on one sale that is in the matrix. He does explain how the pay points works in the advance pay video he went into lots more details than he does in the 4 minute video. That people could make.

In closing I want to encourage everyone who has a chance to see Stuart Finger, Uncle Lee and Michael Kahn you should take the time and effort to go to the GBG networking marketing presentation . It would be totally worth your time and expense to spend the day with them. On the phone you can only here their voices. But we you are seeing them live you can see they expressions and tears swell up in their eyes. You will know that you know that GBG Company really does care for people like no other company owners does.


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